Seasonal Quests open up from Level 8 onwards

Halloween / Dia de los Muertos 2016 Edit

Baron Samedi:
“I am Baron Samedi and I claim this island for myself! I've cast a spell that will trap ghosts in your volcano, driving the volcano Spirit crazy until he erupts. Bow down and make me King of the island, if you want me to break the spell.”

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Baron Samedi's Spell

1 of 6

Baron Samedi:

"Do you feel the volcano grow restless under my ghost-trapping spell? Serve me, or I'll let it erupt.”

0/4 Make Daiquiris

0/3 Make Crab Rolls

0/4 Make Fried Rice

Baron Samedi:

“Those food offerings were not good enough. You will have to do better or I'll let my spell overrun the volcano with ghosts.”

1 Nail

“I thought this ‘Baron Samedi’ was a charlatan, but the monkey guardians have come to me in a panic. Unless we break Baron Samedi’s spell, Zemi the volcano spirit will be overcome by ghosts and erupt. The monkeys have asked Zemi to lend his help.”

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Baron Samedi's Spell

2 of 6


“Zemi the volcano spirit has sent help in the form of magical objects. Once we gather them, I'll figure out what to do with them.”

0/20 Harvest Rice

0/3 Gather Calabash Gourd

0/1 Find Magic Bells


“Zemi used his magic to send gourds and bells. There must be a way to use them against Baron Samedi.”

3 Sunshine

Baron Samedi:
“That peasant Domingo thinks he can outwit ME, Baron Samedi? With every hour, more and more ghosts are trapped inside the volcano, causing the lava to boil and churn until it erupts. Let's see you try to run a resort then. Hah!”

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Baron Samedi's Spell

3 of 6

Baron Samedi:

"If you want me to break my spell and spare your resort, you must declare me King of the Island.  Now serve me your best food!"

0/8 Make Pina Coladas

0/10 Make Seared Fish

0/8 Make Egg Rolls

Baron Samedi:

"Where is my throne? My crown? I warn you, if I don't break my spell soon, the volcano will erupt. You'd better make me happy."

1 Pulley
“I understand why Zemi sent us the magical gourds and bells. We can make Spirit Rattles that have the power to shatter voudoun spells. Once we have enough of them, we'll have everyone shake them to break Baron Samedi's spell.”
Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Baron Samedi's Spell

4 of 6


"Quickly, make as many Spirit Rattles as we can before the volcano erupts! Don't let Baron Samedi see what we're doing."

0/3 Find Magic Bells

0/9 Gather Calabash Goulds

0/1 Make Spirit Rattles


"Hand out the rattles and bells. Surround Baron Samedi, and then shake the rattles and ring the bells as hard as you can!"

1 Anchor

Baron Samedi:
"Your time is almost up! My spell is nearing completion. The volcano spirit is being overwhelmed by the ghosts I've trapped in the caldera and the volcano is about to erupt. This is your final chance to bow down to me and surrender your island!"

Quest Title

Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Baron Samedi's Spell

5 of 6

Baron Samedi:

"What's this? What do these silly people think they're doing? Wait, are... are they holding Spirit Rattles?!"

0/15 Use the Spirit Rattles on the Baron Baron Samedi:

"You can't keep this up forever. You'll tire soon enough. Throw down your rattles! Surrender now and I may forgive you."

1 Carnivorous Plant
Baron Samedi's Spell

6 of 6

Baron Samedi:

"Those incessant rattles and bells--driving me crazy! Must maintain my spell--but my head hurts!"

15/50 Use Rattles on Baron Samedi Baron Samedi:

"Stop! Stop with the rattles and bells! Stop that hideous noise! I CAN'T STAND IT!"

5 Treasure Keys

We'll stop shaking the rattles, Baron Samedi, AFTER you break your spell!
Baron Samedi:
"There! The ghosts have been released! I never want to see this miserable island again."
"Samedi is gone and Zemi the volcano spirit is calm again. You saved the island!

Santa's Crash Landing / Christmas 2016 Edit

Different ingredients could be found all over the island as part of the Reward system (ex. Oats from harvesting Rice). Additionally the sleigh wreckage had to be searched, which allowed to retrieve different objects, necessary to fulfil the quests.

E.L.F Tugboat Edit

(Level 8: 0 coins -> instant)

Recipe Ingredients Time XP RP
Magic Detector 2 Magic Dust 3mins 5 5
4 Orchid 1 Jingle Bell 12mins
Tropical Candy Cane 2 Sugar Cane 3 Mango 1 Pepermint 22mins 5 5
Magic Thread

Crash Landing Edit

Quest Title Requirements Reward
Chapter 1

Sleigh Frame Repairs

0/4 Wood Beams

0/4 Sleigh Runner

0/4 Festive Ribbon

5 Holiday Cheers

3 Quick-Sands

3 Treasure Keys

4 Magic Dust

Chapter 2

Sleigh Body Repairs

0/10 Dash Ornament

0/10 Seat Cushions

0/10 Tropical Candy Cane

5 Holiday Cheers

3 Silver Sand Dollars

5 Sunshines

4 Magic Dust

Chapter 3

Magic Bag Mending

0/12 Naughty & Nice lists

0/12 Magic Patches

0/12 Magic Thread

Holiday Prize Box
Chapter 4

Reindeer Round-Up

Holiday Prize Box

Fixing Santa's Sleigh Edit

Quest Title Requirements Reward
Fixing Santa's Sleigh 2 of 6 2 Magic Dust

2 Treasure Keys

1 Random Part

Fixing Santa's Sleigh 3 of 6 0/4 Wood Beams

0/4Sleigh Runner

0/4 Festive Ribbon

Fixing Santa's Sleigh 4 of 6 0/12 Gather Mangoes

0/4 Get Peppermint

0/2 Make Tropical Candy Canes

1 Plank
Fixing Santa's Sleigh 5 of 6 0/1 Have Guides visit the Coral Reef

0/4 Make Magic Detectors

0/4 Search sleigh wreckage

1 Anchor
Fixing Santa's Sleigh 6 of 6 0/10 Make Tropical Candy Canes

0/10 Get Dash Ornaments

0/10 Get Seat Cushions

1 Life Ring

Mending the Magic Bag Edit

Quest Title Requirements Reward
Mending the Magic Bag 1 of 3 0/5 Find Naughty & Nice lists

0/5 Get Holly Berries

0/8 Get Magic Dust

2 Sunshines
Mending the Magic Bag 2 of 3 0/7 Make Magic Thread0/7 Make Magic Detectors

0/8 Search sleigh wreckage

1 Random Part
Mending the Magic Bag 3 of 3 0/12 Make Magic Thread

0/12 Get Naughty & Nice List

0/12 Get Magic Patches

5 Holiday Cheers

3 Treasure Keys

2 Gold Sand Dollars

4 Magic Dust

Playing Reindeer Games Edit

Quest Title Requirements Reward
Playing Reindeer Games 1 of 3 0/40 Harvest Rice

0/16 Collect Eggs

0/10 Find Oats

2 Quick Sands
Playing Reindeer Games 2 of 3
Playing Reindeer Games 3 of 3

Valentine's Event 2017 Edit

“Romance is one of the big reasons that guests come to the island and this is the season of romance. So I had this brilliant idea, bring in a love expert! Meet Francois the Love Pirate.”
“Bonjour! Francois will bring romance to your island. Women will swoon for Francois. Men will wish to be Francois. Send me the lovelorn, the hopeless, the unloved. Francois will sweep them off their feet!”

The Love Pirate Edit

Kate: "Francois may not be a real pirate, but he sure looks the part. And the way he held my hand and looked into my eyes was so alluring. I hope he'll be able to give good advice to our guests on how to improve their romances."

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
The Love Pirate 1 of 8 Kate:

"While Francois prepares to do whatever a Love Pirate does, I'll put together a brunch for him.”

0/18 Harvest Pineapples

0/6 Make Pineapple Smoothies

0/1 Make Crab Roll


“Women are already lining up to talk to Francois about the arts of romance. He sure is a colorful character.”

3 Sunshines

Francois: "Ah, my sweet tropical flowers, allow Francois to kiss your hands as only Francois can. The fine art of hand-kidding is but the first step in creating the blush of love upon your fair cheeks."

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
The Love Pirate 2 of 8 Francois:

"Let us begin with the sweet scent of romance. Perfume for les femmes and cologne for moi.”

0/30 Harvest Orchids

0/3 Make Manly Cologne

0/25 Get Roses


“Ah, what golden Venus is this rising from the waves? Chloe, my sweet, my nymph, Francois will show you the secrets of romance.”

2 Roses
The Love Pirate 3 of 8 Chloe:"Francois is a rogue. And I love rogues! I'll impress him with my fabulous grilling and drink-mixing skills.” 0/12 Collect Agave

0/4 Give Francois Pink Margaritas

0/10 Make Seared Fish

Chloe:"Francois quickly bored of kissing my hand and started flirting with other female guests. They're falling all over him.” 300XP
The Love Pirate 4 of 8 Francois:"Francois is too much man to romance only one woman. Francois will whisper sweet love secrets to all the women of the island.” 0/5 Make Orchid Perfume

0/5 Collect Pirate Parchment

0/5 Make Love Letters


"Francois spies a beauteous maiden performing yoga at the Hot Spring. Surely she yearns for romance!”

3 Roses
The Love Pirate 5 of 8 Maya:"Oh my, Francois is so sensitive and attentive. He makes me want to shower him with gifts.” 0/4 Make Pink Margaritas

0/3 Make Manly Cologne

0/150 Get Roses from Francois

Maya:"I thought Francois was my heart's desire, but he's already casting eyes at other women. Talk about a short attention span!” 1 Swan Floatie

The Love Pirate 6 of 8

Francois:"So many lovely women, so little time. Francois must build up his strength before he steals their hearts.” 0/8 Make Fried Rice

0/8 Make Daquiri

0/10 Make Fish Rolls

Francois:"Francois is fortified and ready to kiss hands, lips, ears, and win every woman's heart. Romance is hard work.” 4 Roses

Domingo: "This "Francois" is as much of a pirate as I am. And that fake French accent! He has Chloe and Maya tied in knots, and Kate is besieged by angry husbands and boyfriends. Her "love expert" is creating chaos."

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
The Love Pirate 7 of 8 Domingo:"I know how to get rid of Francois. He must be convinced that he's conquered every female heart on the island. I have a plan...” 0/5 Collect Pirate Parchment

0/15 Collect Agave

0/10 Collect Sandalwood

Domingo:"Kate, Maya, and Chloe agree with me. Francois will only leave once he believes he's captured every woman's heart on the island.” 1 Treasure Key
The Love Pirate 8 of 8 Francois:''"Ah, the women shower Francois with gifts of love. Truly, there is no end to Francois' powers of romance!" 0/40 Harvest Orchids

0/20 Make Orchid Perfume

0/330 Get Roses

Francois:''"Without new conquests, there is no challenge. It is time for Francois to depart." 4 Treasure Keys

Francois: "Do not weep, ladies. Francois will live on in your dreams. Farewell! Adieu! Au Revoir!"

Domingo: "And good riddance!"