This quest section is for quest chains that BEGIN with Domingo. If a quest isn't listed here, it may have been started with another guide/character.

*For Domingo's introduction to the game, please see the introduction section of the Wiki.*

The Volcano Spirit Edit

“Zemi is the spirit of the volcano, according to the legends of my ancestors. It's said that when Zemi feels life thriving upon his island, he is pleased and doesn't erupt. It may only be a legend, but I figure, why mess with a volcano?”

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Thriving Life Domingo:

“Harvesting, collecting, and making food are all things that please Zemi and keep the volcano quiet.”

0/12 Harvest Pineapple field

0/3 Collect from the Dolphin

0/1 Make Fish Rolls


“There! You've helped Kate with the Grand Opening and made Zemi happy at the same time. It's win-win.”

5 Fish

Sunshine MagicEdit

“When Zemi the volcano spirit is happy, he smiles and grants the magic of Sunshine. These packets of magic can be given and received, even through the mail! Check your mailbox to find a magical gift”

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Sunshine Magic Domingo:

“Zemi’s smile brings rays of sunshine that let you harvest and collect from crops or animals more quickly.”

0/2 Collect from Dolphin

0/12 Plant Rice

0/3 Use Sunshine on crops, trees or animals


"You are fortunate to receive the gift of Sunshine from Zemi. It shows you've won his favour."

5 Sunshine

The Sunken TempleEdit

“The Sunken Temple belonged to my ancestors. It draws treasure to itself. Dive there with care.”

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
The Sunken Temple Domingo:

“Long ago, my ancestors built a temple to honor Zemi, the volcano spirit. But over time, they grew arrogant and insulted Zemi. His wrath was terrible. The volcano roared and the temple sank into the sea."

0/1 Dive at the Sunken Temple

0/5 Open treasure chests


"Take whatever treasure you like, but remember the lesson my ancestors learned too late. Zemi is not to be treated lightly."

2 Gems

Testing The Waters Edit

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
Testing The Waters 1 of 2 'Domingo:

' "Chloe is determined to have my attention. She seems nice enough. I'll prepare a cook-out for two."

0/3 Make Grilled Crab

0/3 Make Egg Roll

0/4 Make Pina Colada


' "...

5 Eggs
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